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I am trained in Holistic Massage and Hot Stone Massage and work mainly with stones for most massage appointments (except for pregnant clients & where a health problem contraindicates), largely because it helps me give an extremely effective massage but with less pressure on my hands and less discomfort for you. My massage treatment is tailored to your needs (& with or without hot stones), this means a lot more time is spent working on your problem areas.  Most people have massage because it helps relieve sore, tense muscles and provides a deeply de-stressing experience.  It can be both relaxing and invigorating and may also help to improve circulation and skin tone.

Hot Stone Massage has become popular in recent years and provides a deeply effective massage combining the benefits of deep tissue massage with the added power of heat for a wonderfully soothing experience. It is also thought to be 10 times more effective than a standard massage.  The hot stones are used both as placements on the body and for the massage itself so the heat from the stones gently penetrates the skin and muscles, and gets into knots and tight muscles without discomfort.  So is wonderful for those who find massage uncomfortable or sore.

A Hot Stones 1 hour treatment usually includes legs, back, neck & shoulders

For a truly wonderful experience a 1½ hour treatment gives a top to toe massage including: back, neck, legs, feet, arms, stomach, face & scalp.

½ hour treatments are available after your 1st appointment, focus will be on specific areas as needed, eg back/neck/shoulders; legs & feet; abdomen/digestion.

Massage complements other therapies, so is ideal for a combination appointment, and it saves you money too!  Please mention on booking that you’d like a combination appointment.

Massage in Pregnancy

I'm an experienced massage therapist and work on pregnant clients largely in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  I adapt your treatment position for your safety and comfort, usually lying on your side for the treatment or you can be seated and lean your upper body supported over the massage table. I do not use hot stones at any stage of pregnancy, as it is not recommended, sorry about that, but you can look forward to a well deserved Hot Stone treat as a new mum!

Massage is suitable for all ages (including babies), but in certain circumstances it may not be recommended, such as: Fever, Infectious disease, recent surgery, or if you are feeling unwell.  Any localised problem (such as bruising, variscose vein for example) is easy to work around.  If you are unsure if massage is suitable for you, please ring to discuss it with me or consult your G.P.