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Ear candle Therapy (also called Hopi Ear Candles and Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a relaxing, decongesting treatment for the ear, nose and head area.  Ancient in origin, there's evidence of it's use amongst many ancient civilizations, including Ancient Egypt, China and North American Indian tribes.  It was once a popular folk remedy in the Mediterranean countries and I know of Italians living in this country who received a very similar treatment as children. So there's nothing new about this treatment other than modern safety standards for the candles.

I use Biosun Hopi candles, these are top quality hollow linen tubes with a filter, enriched with honey, beeswax, Sage, Camomile & St. John’s Wort. They smell lovely which enhances the treatment further.

You will usually lie on your side, only shoes removed.  Both ears are treated one at a time and the candle is held safely in position throughout burning.

A relaxing ear, facial and head massage follows, which may aid lymphatic drainage, ease sinus pain and tension. 

A course of ear Candle treatments may help with a number of ear, nose and throat related conditionsThe treatment itself has a strong calming effect so may also be beneficial for stress and tension.

I have over 20 years experience in treating people with Ear candles and was the first to offer it in the Inverness area (in 2003 I was featured in the centre pages of the Highland News with an article all about this lovely treatment).

It is generally suitable for most people (from approx. age 5+), but is not recommended if there’s an ear infection, ear grommets, or recent eardrum perforation or if there is undiagnosed pain or problems with the ear (please see your G.P. first if your condition has not been medically diagnosed).

Want to know more about the treatment or if it may be able to help you? please do get in touch with me for a no obligation chat.

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