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The Metamorphic Technique is linked to Reflexology, but uses very light touch on the spinal and reproductive reflexes on the feet, hands and on the top of the head.

These reflexes are linked with the gestation period in the womb and this technique is thought to help gently release emotional blockages formed in early life, which affect most of us through phobias, bad habits, personal effectiveness etc as well as recurrent physical illness.

The metamorphic technique works on a very subtle level and often it’s effects are the same, so gentle that it is often not until a few weeks after an appointment that you notice something has changed.  It may be helpful for:

  • Moving you forward when you are ‘stuck’
  • Phobias & Fears
  • Stress related problems
  • Personal Effectiveness problems /nervous tension (eg. interviews/exams/meeting people etc)
  • Recurrent physical illness (especially if unexplained or not responding to medication)
Only shoes & socks need be removed in a treatment and you will lie down on a therapy couch.

The metamorphic technique is suitable for all ages.


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