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Please note:

Unfortunately, due to Family Commitments, I am unable to offer Reiki Training at present

Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing technique that uses universal energy (chi) to help the body to heal itself.  It is a holistic system for treating the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual energy within and around us.  It is easy to learn so anyone can learn it.  You don’t have to have a natural ability, just be willing to learn and work hard on your development.

The ability to channel Reiki can only be passed from a Reiki Master/Teacher, this process is called ‘attunement’, and everyone needs to be attuned to Reiki before they can use it.

Why learn it?
People are drawn to learn Reiki for many different reasons, for most Reiki provides personal and spiritual awareness and growth.  Some want to become a Practitioner, many have had the benefit of Reiki treatments and feel training is the next step for their own self- healing, and some feel an attraction, often quite suddenly and without a conscious reason.  Whatever the motivation, your training and subsequent Reiki development is personal and unique.  As a result, I only teach Reiki either on an individual one to one basis or in very small groups (no more than 4).

How is it learned?
Reiki was traditionally used for self-healing and spiritual development.  Generally western training has lost a lot of the spiritual development and many traditional features.  But the true Reiki teachings of the founder Dr Mikao Usui, have been rediscovered and some teachers are now incorporating these techniques and knowledge into their training, myself included.

There are 4 different levels of Reiki: Reiki 1, 2, Advanced Reiki (also called Master or 3 or 3a) and Master Teacher (sometimes called 3b or 4).  There is no requirement to progress through each of the levels and no timescale that you must try to achieve.  I teach all levels. 

Many people only do Reiki 1 and are happy with using the skills and knowledge this gives them.  Others move on to Reiki 2 training when they are ready, sometimes this is within a few months, for many, it is years before the time is right.  A few move on to the Master levels, normally after a few years of being an experienced Practitioner.

Why Train with Me?
You should train with whom you feel most drawn to and feel comfortable with.  Never train with someone you haven’t met or had a personal conversation with.  I know of people 'learning’ from the internet and self-attuning from books, but I don't feel this is an effective way to learn Reiki and many end up disappointed with this method and choose to train again with a local teacher.

Try not to focus on the cost and time aspects, but more on the quality of information, support provided and most importantly that it feels right.   When I can, I run Reiki Shares for my students where they can meet each other, swap treatments, share questions/experiences and of course ask me anything too (at any time, not just at Reiki Shares).

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